Terms & Conditions

One World Resourcing Ltd provides 3 recruitment models to our clients, namely;

  1.       Permanent Placement
  2.       Permanent Contracting
  3.       Labour Hire

These models are explained in detail below.

Our terms of business are designed to allow you use any one of our recruitment models you wish to use at any time you want. We ask you to read the terms of business carefully, ask any questions you may have and if satisfied, initial each page and sign at the end. We also ask you to fill out a credit application form. We then sign the terms of business and this document becomes a master record.

From then on, you decide what recruitment model you want to use and we will always issue you with a confirmation of assignment for each person you take from us, confirming their

  1.    Name
  2.    Contact details
  3.    Recruitment model used
  4.    Charge-out rate (if applicable)
  5.    Location of work
  6.    Start date
  7.    End date (if applicable)

Permanent Placement

This is direct recruitment for a pre-agreed fee, usually 12% of salary plus any costs for flights, visa application fees or Professional fees for immigration advice. The candidate will become an employee of yours straight away and you will be governed by employment legislation in New Zealand. You will have a 90 day trial period in the normal way and a replacement guarantee with us at One World Resourcing Ltd.

Permanent Contracting

This is direct recruitment with no upfront fees. There are no recruitment fees, flight, visa or professional fees, this is all borne by One World Resourcing. Instead we charge a service fee of $200 per week, paid on a monthly basis for a fixed period, usually 24 months. The candidate will become an employee of yours straight away and you will be governed by employment legislation in New Zealand. You will have a 90 day trial period in the normal way and a replacement guarantee with us at One World Resourcing Ltd for the period of the contract.

Labour Hire

One World Resourcing is an accredited labour hire company with Immigration New Zealand. Under this model, we employ the candidates directly. There are no up-front costs to you whatsoever. We do all the payroll, make monthly PAYE payments, supply PPE gear, ensure our people have the requisite licences and training and pay out any annual or sick leave. You only pay for hours worked at our agreed charge-out rates.

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which One World Resourcing Ltd (OWR) places skilled and unskilled persons with companies seeking persons to assist in the construction, motor trade and other industries.

OWR can assist by:

  • Contracting persons to a company for a fixed period or an extendable period where OWR is the  employer (Labour Hire model)

  • Placing people to meet the requirements of a company with those people becoming employees of the  Company (Permanent placement model and Permanent contracting model)

Provider of Service

One World Resourcing Limited (OWR)18/20 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central,

Christchurch 8011.

Contact Person(s): ………………………….                                                     


Phone …………………………………..                                               


Customer: …………………………………….                                                     

Address:  ………………………………………

Contact Person(s) :……………………………..                            


Phone: …………………………………..                                               

Request by Customer

The Customer will advise OWR by email of the number of persons required, the skills required for that person and the initial period for which that person is required, including a proposed commencement date.  The Customer will elect whether the person required will be engaged as:

  •  full time employees of the Customer;(Permanent placement or permanent contracting models) or
  • contracted persons to the Customer (Labour hire model)

OWR Process

On receiving a request from a Customer, OWR will, within 15 working days (or such extended period as agreed) advise the Customer whether such persons are available and when they can commence work.  The parties will then agree:

  •  if the persons are to be employees of the Customer the recruitment fee payable to OWR (if using a permanent placement model) or the service fee payable to OWR (if using a permanent contracting model);
  •  if the persons are to be contracted persons, (using the labour hire model), the rate per hour payable by the Customer to OWR for that person.

Each person engaged as an employee or contracted person is referred to as an ‘Employee’.

Employee of the Customer

Permanent placement model

Permanent contracting model

If the persons engaged are employees of the Customer then a direct employment contract will be entered into between the Customer and the Employee. This contract shall provide for the Customer to allow for holiday leave, sick pay and all other allowances usually provided for in the relevant industry sector.

The Customer will pay and meet all wages and other payments due to Employees and address all statutory matters affecting the employment of the Employees including provision for holidays, Kiwisaver, PAYE and Accident Compensation. 

The Customer must treat all Employees in the same manner and on the same basis as all other employees of the Customer.

Contracted Persons

(Labour hire model)

All contracted persons shall be employees of OWR. OWR shall meet all obligations of an employer as set out above for an employee.  As each contracted person is engaged by the Customer the parties will confirm by email by means of a confirmation of assignment, the person to be contracted, the term of that contract and the charge-out rate for that person.

Pastoral Care

Permanent placement model– 12 weeks

Permanent contracting model – for the period of the contract

Labour hire model- for the period of the contract

OWR will provide the Customer, within 10 working days of the date of commencement of work by the Employee, full details of the support and pastoral care services available to the Employee to ensure the Employee has reasonable accommodation and support while in New Zealand.

OWR shall have the right to seek information on a regular basis to ensure the pastoral care of the Employee is being maintained. 

Replacement of Persons

For permanent placement and permanent contracting models only, if the Employee does not have the level of skill and expertise of a person fulfilling the role requested by the Customer, and the Customer wishes to terminate the services of that Employee within the first 90 days of the date of commencement of employment or the commencement date of the contract, then at the request of the Customer, OWR will replace that Employee without delay at the cost of OWR.  The Employee will only be replaced by OWR once.

Any issues relating to an Employee shall be managed and administered by the Customer. 

The Customer will provide OWR with details of those issues if the Employee is contracted to the Customer and the Customer will not act so as to cause any breach of, or non-compliance with, employment laws.

For labour hire only, if the contracted employee is at any time during the contracting of staff period deemed unsuitable for his or her position or otherwise unavailable to work, OWR will replace that employee with an employee more suitable for his or her position

Provision of Competent Persons

OWR will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all persons engaged are suitably qualified to meet the requested requirements of the Customer.

Payment for Contracted Employee

Labour hire model

Where the person provided by OWR is on a contract with OWR being the Employer then:

  •   The Customer shall provide to OWR by 10:00 am on each Tuesday, the hours worked by that contracted person for the previous week commencing Monday and ending on Sunday
  • OWR shall then provide an invoice to the Customer setting out the amount payable by the Customer for that contracted person for the previous week. Each invoice shall be payable within 7 working days from the date sent by OWR to the Customer. 

Payment for Placed Employees

Permanent placement model

Permanent contracting model

Where a person is placed by OWR with the Customer as an employee then payment of the fee for placing that employee shall be payable as follows;

Permanent placement model – 12% of gross equivalent annual salary plus GST

Permanent contracting model - $866.00 plus GST per month (equating to $5 per hour based on a 40 hour week)

OWR will issue direct debit mandate for your signing.

Late Payment

If any payment is not made on due date OWR may add interest to that payment at the 90 day prime bank bill rate calculated on the 20th day of each month or the nearest business day plus a margin of 5%.  Interest shall be calculated on a daily basis.

The non payment of invoices shall give OWR the right to terminate this agreement by giving ten working days notice to that effect. 


Both OWR and the Customer shall at all times be registered for GST and all charges shall have GST added to them.

Exclusive Arrangement

Where the Customer has requested OWR to recruit skilled tradespeople or professionals internationally, the Customer will give OWR a reasonable period of up to 60 days to allow OWR to source suitable candidates and put such candidates through the immigration process. The Customer will not engage any other company, person or entity to engage persons for similar roles for a period of up to 60 working days.

Restriction on Offering Employment

The Customer agrees that it will not for a period of 12 months from the date on which an Employee provided by OWR to the Customer ceases to be employed by the Customer, or contracted to the Customer, enter into any employment agreement, agreement for contract services or otherwise directly or indirectly engage the services of that Employee This condition may be waived at any time by mutual agreement

Health and Safety

The Customer will ensure there is a safe working environment for the Employee and comply with all health and safety at work matters in accordance with best practice within the industry of the Customer, and the policies and requirements of the Customer.  Any accidents resulting in time off work shall be immediately advised to OWR by the Customer with full details.  The Employee will observe all reasonable rules and regulations of the Customer. 

Compliance with Legislation

Both OWR and the Customer will comply with all statutes, regulations and other legally enforceable obligations in relation to the Employee.

Breach of Agreement

If either party shall breach the provisions of this agreement the other party can give 10 working days’ notice requiring that breach to be remedied.  If not remedied within that period then the party giving that notice may forthwith terminate this agreement.


All notices may be given by email or by letter to the last known address of the party receiving that notice.


All information obtained by either party shall be and remain confidential and shall not be used other than for the purposes of the services provided under this agreement.

NZ Law

The laws of New Zealand apply to this agreement.

Dated December 21, 2017


______________________________ for and on behalf of One World Resourcing Limited

______________________________ for and on behalf of the Customer